Wednesday, January 03, 2007

That Hideous Strength

That Hideous Strength, First edition coverThat Hideous Strength is a novel by C. S. Lewis first published in 1945. It is the third in Lewis's theological science fiction series, the Space Trilogy which features the philologist Elwin Ransom. This novel follows Out of the Silent Planet and Perelandra (a.k.a. Voyage to Venus). It is heavily influenced by the writing of Lewis's friend Charles Williams. The book is heavily dystopian in style (A dystopia (alternatively, cacotopia, kakotopia or anti-utopia) is a fictional society that is the antithesis of utopia.).

Plot summary
This final novel in the trilogy is a parable of the battle between man’s sinful pride and God’s will. It is set in post-war England in a small university town in which a research agency called N.I.C.E. (National Institute for Coordinated Experiments), led by fallen eldila, attempts to destroy the true nature of mankind.


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