Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Justinian I

Justinian I depicted on one of the famous mosaics of the Basilica of San VitaleFlavius Petrus Sabbatius Justinianus or Justinian I (May 11, 483–November 13/14, 565), was Eastern Roman Emperor from August 1, 527 until his death. One of the most important rulers of Late Antiquity, he is best remembered for his reform of the legal code through the commission of Tribonian, the military expansion of imperial territory that was achieved during his reign, primarily through the campaigns of Belisarius, and his marriage and partnership with his wife Empress Theodora. He is also known as "The last Roman Emperor" and was the emperor who reconquered the city of Rome from the Ostrogoths. He is considered a saint in the Catholic and Orthodox Churches, commemorated on November 14.

Justinian was born in a small village called Tauresium in Illyricum, near Skopje, in the Balkan peninsula, probably on May 11, 483 to Vigilantia, the sister of the highly esteemed General Justin, who rose from the ranks of the army to become emperor.


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