Tuesday, November 28, 2006


The Land of Narnia, artwork from the 2005 movieNarnia is a fantasy world created by C. S. Lewis as a location for his Chronicles of Narnia, a series of seven fantasy novels for children.

In Narnia, some animals can talk, mythical beasts abound, and magic is common. The series tracks the story of Narnia from its creation to its end, and especially the stories of those humans, usually children, who enter the land from 'our world'.

The name "Narnia" refers to not only the Narnian world, but especially to the country of Narnia within it, which its creator, Aslan the great lion, filled with talking animals and mythical creatures. C.S.Lewis may have got the name from the Italian town of Narni, whose latin name was in fact Narnia. Narnia is a land of rolling hills rising into low mountains to the south, and is predominantly forested except for marshlands in the north. The country is bordered on the east by the Eastern Ocean, on the west by a great mountain range, on the north by the River Shribble, and on the south by a continental divide.


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