Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Caesarea Philippi

The Banias WaterfallCaesarea Philippi "Caesarea of Philip" was founded by Philip the Tetrarch, son of Herod the Great. The city is also known as the modern dwindling city of Banias, Paneas (Greek), Panias( Arabic) is located in the upper Jordan Valley along the southwestern slopes of Mt. Hermon in the disputed Golan Heights (claimed by Israel and Syria, currently under control of Israel). The site is 95 miles north of Jerusalem and 35 miles southwest from Damascus about 1,150 feet above sea level. The location is strategic, guarding the plains in the area. It was called Paneas by the Greeks because of its cavern, which had a peculiar similarity to the places dedicated to the worship of the god Pan.

The city was called Caesarea Philippi by the Romans.
The city was built near the Banyas spring (Banias Waterfall above), one of the sources of the Jordan River.


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