Thursday, March 18, 2010

John the Apostle

John the Apostle (Hebrew: "⁠יוחנן⁠" John, Johanan, Greek: Iōannēs "The LORD is merciful"), was one of The Twelve Apostles of Jesus. Christian tradition proclaims he is the same person who wrote:
  • the Gospel of John and first epistle of John (the author of these is also referred to as John the Evangelist, John the Theologian or John the Divine)
  • the second and third Epistle of John (the author of these is sometimes distinguished under the name of John the Presbyter).
  • the Book of Revelation (the author is sometimes referred to as John of Patmos or John the Revelator).

    In the Bible

John the Apostle was the son of Zebedee, and the brother of James. One tradition gives his mother's name as Salome.

John and James were originally fishermen and fished with their father in the Lake of Genesareth (the Sea of Galilee).





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