Friday, March 09, 2007

Kingdom of Israel

10th century BCE: The Land of Israel, including the United Kingdom of IsraelThe Kingdom of Israel Hebrew: מַלְכוּת יִשְׂרָאֵל) was the Kingdom proclaimed by the Israelite nation around 1030-1020 BCE.

According to the Biblical account (see bible), Israel is descended from Hebrew slaves who left the Land of Goshen, Egypt during the Exodus at an uncertain date, often considered to be in the late 13th century BCE. Prior to the establishment of the kingdom, the Hebrew people, (the Israelites) were led by the patriarchs and later by Judges. The notion of kingship was for a long time anathemetised, as it was seen as one man being put in a position of reverence and power that in their faith was reserved for the one true God. According to the bible, it was Samuel, one of last of the judges, to whom the nation appealed for a king, as his sons, who had been appointed judges over Israel, misused the office. Although he tried to dissuade them, they were resolute and Samuel anointed Saul ben Kish from the tribe of Benjamin as king.


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