Monday, October 16, 2006


View from Pergamum looking down on the city of Bergama.Pergamon or Pergamum (Greek: Πέργαμος, modern day Bergama in Turkey, 39°7'N 27°11'E) was an ancient Greek city, in Mysia, northwestern Anatolia, 16 miles from the Aegean Sea, located on a promontory on the north side of the river Caicus (modern day Bakırçay), that became an important kingdom during the Hellenistic period (see Hellenistic civilization), under the Attalid dynasty, 282-129 BC.

The Attalids, the descendants of Attalus, the father of Philetaerus who came to power in 282 BC, were among the most loyal supporters of Rome among the Hellenistic successor states.


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