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Prayer is an active effort to communicate with a deity or spirit either to offer praise, to make a request, seek guidance, confess sins, or simply to express one's thoughts and emotions. The words of the prayer may either be a set hymn or incantation, or a spontaneous utterance in the praying person's own words.

How did Jesus pray?
35[1] And rising very early in the morning, while it was still dark, he departed and went out to a desolate place, and[2] there he prayed.
Forms of prayer

The great spiritual traditions offer a wide variety of devotional acts. There are morning and evening prayers, graces said over meals, and reverent physical gestures.

Here are a few examples of various types of physical gestures during prayer:
  • Christians pray in various ways:
    • Some Christians bow their heads and fold their hands
    • Some Christians kneel
    • Some Christians sway their bodies
    • Some Christians hold their heads and palms upward
  • Native Americans dance
  • Sufis whirl
  • Hindus chant
  • Orthodox Jews sway their bodies back and forth
  • Quakers keep silent
  • Muslims pray in various ways:
    • standing hands raised,
    • Standing with hands folded over chest,
    • Prostrated on the ground, etc.


plus "How did Jesus Pray?" by Mark Driscoll

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