Friday, September 26, 2008

Ill-legalism addresses issues of theology, hermeneutics, attitudes, lifestyle, and relationship surrounding Christian legalism and fundamentalism. It provides support for recovering legalists. Ill-legalism is not anti-fundamentalist. It exists partly to address problems within fundamentalism, and problems with some of the reactions to fundamentalism.

"It's such a shame that we have left the spiritual depth of the 1950s and succumbed to the lures of the 2000's." -Pastor Gamaliel (the spiritual leader of the First Pharisee Church, is widely respected in the Pharisee denomination for his outspoken, hard-hitting commentaries on what is wrong with society at large and Christianity in particular)

Rick Presley, a former bi-vocational pastor, is currently an instructional designer with a major not-for-profit international humanitarian organization. Some of the experiences that have shaped his life include five years of teaching biology in a Christian school, serving as a technical consultant and laboratory technician in the chemical industry and church planting in the Columbus, Ohio area.

Rachel Ramer is a freelance writer whose articles and stories have appeared in several publications. She is also currently a writing instructor for junior and senior high school students. Rachel educated her children at home for eight years and, prior to that, spent seven years working for an organization that provides direct care services for the mentally handicapped. She lives in the country in eastern Indiana with her husband, Curtis, and their three boys.


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