Friday, September 22, 2006

Four Quarters of Jerusalem

Conard Schich, a famous Architect who lived in Jerusalem at the end of the nineteenth century, created a three dimentional model of Jerusalem as he envisaged it to be during the period of the Second Temple. The size of this model is 99 by 85 cmThe Armenian Quarter is one of the four quarters of the Old City of Jerusalem, the other three being the Jewish Quarter, the Christian Quarter and the Muslim Quarter. It might appear that the Armenian quarter would be a part of the Christian Quarter, since virtually all Armenians residing in Jerusalem are Christians, yet for historical reasons the Armenian quarter has remained separate and has not suffered the same disruptions as the other quarters over the last thousand years. Although the smallest of the four quarters, with the fewest residents, the Armenians and their patriarchate remain staunchly independent and present a vigorous presence in the Old City. The story of the Armenian quarter, its growth and decline, its assets and community, is one often overlooked in studies of Jerusalem.


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