Monday, May 29, 2006

Intelligent Design

More and more of the scientific community are beginning to view intelligent design as a valid scientific theory.

When asked about the Miller experiment, Jonathan Wells said,

"I'll tell you this: you do not get amino acids, that's for sure... Some texbooks fudge by saying, well, even if you use a realistic atmosphere, you still get organic molecules, as if that solves the problem." -Jonathan Wells, A Case for a Creator, Lee Strobel, pg. 37

Stephen C. Meyer said,

"...if it's true there's a beginning to the universe, as modern cosmologists agree, then this implies a cause that transcends the universe. If the laws of Physics are fine-tuned to permit life, as contemporary physicists are discovering, then perhaps there's a designer who fine tuned them. If there's information in the cell, as molecular biology shows, then this suggests intelligent design. To get life going in the first place would have required biological information; the implications point beyond the material realm to a prior intelligent cause." -Stephen C. Meyer, in A Case for a Creator, Lee Stobel, 74


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